Sonia Voigt


Phone: (404) 488-4633






Sonia comes to the real estate industry with a unique background in advertising and nursing. She knows how to make her clients happy, meeting their needs while staying within their budget. In addition, her nursing background has taught her how to educate and advocate for those who have trusted her with their care. This translates to a well-rounded approach to taking care of her clients in the world of real estate.

 Sonia is active in various ministries of her church, while also engaged with her children’s’ schools. She is a member of the Women’s Club and leader of the Mothers’ Group at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and is also on the Parent Council at Oak Grove YCS. Sonia currently serves as Communications Chair for Sagamore Community Club. She lives in Decatur with her husband and children and enjoys a nice brunch and spending time with family. 


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March 28, 2019