Keith Palmer


Phone: (404) 454 2903






Keith and his wife Sheila have watched Atlanta grow in many directions, and Keith brings that understanding, patience, and experience to real estate. If you are looking for mortgage expert and a realtor, you are in luck because Keith Palmer is both.

Keith has over 15 years of home mortgage experience which comes in handy because 90% of all home sales involves qualifying and getting a home mortgage.

In working with sellers and buyers Keith successfully guides the client through every step of the financial process.

If you have troubled credit, he can direct you in ways to clean up your credit so you can get the best home for you and your family at the best interest rate. He knows what homes may qualify for a FHA, conventional loan, or the VA buyer, and many others.

Keith knows the questions to ask interested buyers and always has access to our entire teams’ wealth of knowledge.



Posted on

January 31, 2019